contacting pastcf

Addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for all Executive Board members are listed on the Board page. Most browsers will directly send email by clicking on the email addresses listed there or below.


President — all Association matters including Balaam’s Ass workshops and Jeremiah Grants:

Rev. James B. Miller, Ph.D.
222 Cameron Street
Summerville, SC 29483
(843) 826-4085


Secretary-Treasurer — membership, financial, or donor inquiries:

Sara Joan Miles, Ph.D.
318 57th Street, Unit #303
Kenosha, WI 531409
(262) 997-0752


Editor/Publisher: matters relating to SciTech† or this website:

Rev. D. William McIvor, D.Min.
9507 59th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118
(508) 308-3051