Jeremiah Grants

In 2003 the Presbyterian Association on Science, Technology, and the Christian Faith launched the Jeremiah Fund campaign in support of an effort to develop the association’s programmatic and financial base, to enable it to be a more effective resource to the life of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in the 21st century.

The campaign was inspired by the scriptural account of Jeremiah’s actions just prior to the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians. As Jerusalem was about to fall, Jeremiah did an unthinkable thing. He paid taxes in order to retain family property in Jerusalem. It was a sign of hope, a sign — an embodied word — not simply a prophecy of better times in the future. It was at once a small and risky thing yet a concrete powerful witness of confidence in the promise of God’s covenant with the people of Israel (Jeremiah 32.6-12).

The Jeremiah campaign was initiated as a sign of hope, a risky investment of a relatively small number of members in the potential of the Presbyterian Church (USA) to be a faithful, astute, and effective witness to and participant in God’s gracious creation of the world. To date more than 50 members of the association have pledged more than $30,000 in this campaign. The Board of Directors decided to begin using these resources to strengthen the association’s contribution to the PCUSA, especially at the grassroots.

As many as 10 grants up to $1,000 per grant will be made each year. The purposes of the grants will be twofold: (1) to stimulate and initiate ongoing congregational reflection on the significance of contemporary scientific and technological development for the worship, education and mission of the local congregation; and (2) to recruit a minimum of five new PASTCF members per grant.

Are you interested in obtaining a grant for your area?

Guidelines and forms to submit proposals in .pdf format are available below or by email requests to Jim Miller.

Click here for Jeremiah Grant Guidelines in .pdf format.

Click here for Instructions and Application Form in .pdf format.