Daniel W. Martin Award

Today scientists and engineers are seldom recognized by the Church for their professions. Yet workers in science, engineering, and science education not only lead others to a deeper understanding of the physical and biological universe, but also empower humankind in ways which transform the earth and the human community.

The Presbyterian Association on Science, Technology and the Christian Faith recognizes scientific and technological professionals who demonstrate in their lives that scientific endeavor, science teaching, and technological development are all part of God’s calling. “Science as Christian Vocation” recognizes contributions to science, technology, or science education and to the Christian community. Persons so recognized have demonstrated that their professional scientific, technical, or educational work is clearly part of their calling to serve God’s people and the world. These persons have exhibited an effort to understand the significance of their field of endeavor for their understanding of Christian faith and the significance of their Christian commitment for their professional work.

Begun in 1998, the “Science as Christian Vocation” program is named in memory of Daniel W. Martin, a distinguished acoustical physicist, the first vice president of PASTCF, and the first editor of the association’s newsletter, SciTech†. We hope the Martin Program will encourage new generations to undertake life commitments in scientific and technical careers as a way of serving God. (For more information about the program and a nomination form, go to the Vocation page.)

Following are those individuals who have received the “Science as Christian Vocation” recognition. Listed with each name are the person’s home and professional field in the year they were recognized.

2016 Awardee

  • David W. Notley • Bethesda, MA • Fire Protection and Safety Engineering

2013 Awardee

  • R. Wesley McCoy • Kennesaw, GA • Biology, Secondary Education

2009 Awardees

  • William Bruce Ezell, Jr. • Pembroke, NC • Biology, University Education
  • Valerie Anne Evans Minor • Philippi, WV • Nursing, Public Advocacy 

2008 Awardee

  • R. Lynn Bondurant • Avon, Ohio • Science Education, Astronomy 

2007 Awardee

  • Karen Ramey Burns • Athens, Georgia • Forensic Science and Anthropology

2006 Awardees

  • Randall M. Erickson • Los Alamos, New Mexico • Nuclear Engineering
  • Ronald Lee Jenkins • Birmingham, Alabama • Biology
  • Brian Scully • Royal Palm Beach, Florida • Genetics
  • James H. Shelhamer • Kensington, Maryland • Critical Care Medicine

2005 Awardees

  • George G. Johnson • Long Beach, California • Civil Engineer
  • Charles F. Denny • Sumter, South Carolina • Microbiologist and Professor
  • Daniel Foster • Dallas, Texas • Physician and Professor
  • Doris Wright • Houston, Texas • Food Science and Nutrition Science

2004 Awardees

  • Robert E. Hall • Cary, North Carolina • Mechanical Engineering
  • Frank R. Hensley • Phoenix, Arizona • Herpetology/Ecology
  • William F. Junkin, III • Due West, South Carolina • Physics/Higher Education

2003 Awardees

  • Thomas J. Hougen • Potomac, Maryland • Pediatric Cardiology
  • David V. McCalley • Cedar Falls, Iowa • Biology
  • David W. Talmage • Denver, Colorado • Medicine/Immunology

2002 Awardees

  • James Bidlack • Edmond, Oklahoma • Biology
  • Aubrey Briggs • Sewickley, Pennsylvania • Engineering
  • Patrick Magee • Willow Glen, California • Nuclear Engineering

2001 Awardees

  • James S. Bridges • Cincinnati, Ohio • Pollution Prevention and Control Research
  • Thomas D. English • Carlsbad, California • Environmental Management
  • Rogene F. Henderson • Albuquerque, New Mexico • Toxicology
  • George Neal • Wheat Ridge, Colorado • Rocket Engineer
  • Ross U. Robinson • Santa Fe, New Mexico • Biomedical Technology

2000 Awardees

  • Karl M. Busen • Deerfield, Illinois • Chemical Physics
  • Darry S. Carlstone • Edmond, Oklahoma • Physics
  • Lawrence R. Gurley • Los Alamos, New Mexico • Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • Sheila Mathieson • Whitehall, Pennsylvania • Molecular Biology
  • George H. Wilkening • Newton, Iowa • Science (secondary education)

1999 Awardees

  • George Beran • Ames, Iowa • Veterinary Medicine
  • Paul Burgmayer • Wayne, Pennsylvania • Chemistry
  • Douglas G. Frank • Cincinnati, Ohio • Scientific Instruments
  • Franklin D. Schowengerdt • Golden, Colorado • Physics
  • Justine I. Walhout • Rockford, Illinois • Chemistry

1998 Awardees

  • Iain Campbell • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Biology
  • Derek L. Pursey • Dubuque, Iowa • Physics
  • Rebecca E. Stricklin • Cincinnati, Ohio • Chemistry (secondary education)
  • Robert P. Wagner • Santa Fe, New Mexico • Genetics