SciTech† is the journal of the Presbyterian Association on Science, Technology and the Christian Faith. Published quarterly (February, May, August, November), issues feature articles, news, sermons, book reviews, commentary, and stories that relate to the science/faith conversation.

All members and affiliate members of the association receive a printed copy of SciTech†.

Submissions may be sent to Bill McIvor, SciTech† editor. Digital submissions are preferred but hard copy will also be accepted. See the Executive Board page for address information.

You can subscribe to SciTech† by joining PASTCF. Instructions and forms are on the Membership page.

Some past issues are downloadable by clicking on the images below.


May 2016

Quiet, Profound Wonder: 2016 AAAS Annual Meeting




February 2016

Will PC(USA) Affirm Creation?


Keeping Up


November 2015

Science & Theological Education

Cherished Ignorance

Nurturing Conversation

Sermons: “Finding God in Science” & “Holy Mystery”


August 2015

Creation Affirming: A Call to the Church

Help Answering Those Questions - The “What Do We Believe?” Questions


May 2015

2015 AAAS Annual Meeting

A Communion of Faith and Science

Easter Is Not a Miracle

Darwin’s Gift


February 2015

Christians Embracing Evolution

Science and Sin

What Wins? Facts or Magical Thinking?

Why Are We Here? & Christian and Scientist


November 2014


Ethical Challenges in Genetics Technology

Ethical Challenges in Large Patient Data Sets

Science/Religion Musings


August 2014

Science Challenges the Pastor

Science at the General Assembly

To See the Earth as It Truly Is

Science’s Challenge to Doctrinal Christianity


May 2014

Water, Water, Everywhere: But Can We Drink It?

2014 AAAS Annual Meeting




February 2014

Remembering Ian Barbour

More Than Just Keeping On

The Teilhard Project

Is Your God Too Small?


November 2013

The Digital Revolution

Markers — The Digital Revolution




August 2013

Between Faith and Science

Deep Desire Meets Deep Need

The Doubtul Faithful

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!


May 2013

2013 AAAS Annual Meeting

Who Says Heaven Is Up?




February 2013

Crowding in the Neighborhood

A Mature Childlike Faith