Jim Miller, President

Rev. James Bradley Miller, PhD, is an honorably retired teaching elder with degrees from Union Theological Seminary in Virginia (M.Div.) and Marquette University (Ph.D. in theology). After seminary he worked in the School of Engineering at NC State University and then as minister in higher education at Michigan Tech, Carnegie-Mellon, and the University of Pittsburgh. Jim was Senior Program Associate for AAAS's Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (1996-2006). He currently cochairs the Broader Social Impacts Committee of the Human Origins Program of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.


Charlie Reece, Vice President

Charlie Reece is deputy director of the Jefferson Lab Institute for Superconducting Radio Frequency Science and Technology in Newport News, VA, a U.S. Department of Energy Office national laboratory. Charlie served two terms on PASTCF’s Board and is completing a second term as Vice President. He was coauthor for five years of SciTech†’s May issue report on AAAS’s annual meeting. He is an active member of KirkWood Presbyterian Church in Yorktown, VA.


Sara Joan Miles, Secretary/Treasurer

After teaching science and math in the Congo, Sara Miles was a Christian university professor and Dean (Wheaton College, Eastern University). She is an historian of science and loves looking at how theology and scientific theories have interacted over time. She has been active in the Presbytery of Milwaukee and recently become a CRE to serve as Pastor of Visitation for her congregation.

Arnold Rots.jpg

Arnold Rots, Class of 2018

Arnold Rots is a Ruling Elder and retired astrophysicist, living in Waltham, MA. He has worked at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands Foundation for Radio Astronomy, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, MA. He has a keen interest in theology and organs, and enjoys playing the cello in the local orchestra and doing (sprint) triathlons. He is serving Church of the Covenant, the Presbytery of Boston, and the Synod of the Northeast.


Lisa Schrott, Class of 2018

Lisa Schrott is Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care at First Presbyterian Church, Hilton Head Island. Before entering seminary Lisa was Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Neuroscience at Louisiana State University. Her faith journey is one from science to divinity school to a “seasons of life” approach to pastoral care. Lisa and husband Brian McWilliams love the sea turtles and birds of Hilton Head.


Damaris Christensen, Class of 2019

Updated information pending.


Stephen Kolderup, Class of 2019

Stephen Kolderup is a retired Presbyterian minister, completing a long series of transitional service in Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, and New Jersey. Itinerating at this stage will concentrate on completing visits to 50 states, stopping with his wife Jan at national parks and baseball stadiums along the way. Proximity to the University of Illinois offers many opportunities for learning, including a monthly meeting of Astronomy on Tap.


Sandra Hawley, Class of 2020

Updated information pending.


John Norvell, Class of 2020

Updated information pending.


Bill McIvor, SciTech† Editor

Bill McIvor is a retired Presbyterian pastor, having served congregations in Bellevue, WA, Birmingham, MI, Spokane, WA, and Sudbury, MA. He has edited SciTech† since 1997. Bill enjoys the time retirement affords for reading theology as well as the book choices of two disparate book groups. For fun he is trying to relearn playing the trumpet.