Science as Christian Vocation

PASTCF’s Daniel W. Martin “Science as Christian Vocation” award recognizes scientists or persons in science-related professions, such as engineers or science teachers, who perform their professional work as a calling from God.

In considering nominees, the Board is looking particularly for two qualities. (1) In what ways has the nominee’s Christian commitment affected how he or she understands and performs his or her professional work, and (2) in what ways have insights gained from his or her professional work enhanced and enriched the nominee’s understanding of and commitment to the Christian faith.

Someone you know may be deserving of this recognition.
The nomination deadline is March 31st.

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The recognition honors the late Danial W. Martin, Ph.D. (1918 - 1999), a distinguished acoustical physicist and for many years editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Dan was PASTCF’s founding vice president and SciTech†'s first editor. A devoted and longtime active churchman and leader in Presbyterian Men, Dan made enduring contributions to the PC(USA) in its attention to matters of science, technology, and faith.

Past awardees are listed here.