Kenneth E. McCall Award

The PASTCF Board has begun the Kenneth E. McCall Award for “Excellence in Science, Technology and Christian Faith Ministry” in the Presbyterian Church (USA). This award now takes its place alongside the Association’s Daniel W. Martin “Science As a Christian Vocation” Recognition.

Along with all Christians, we profess that Jesus Christ is Lord of all aspects of life in our scientific and technological culture. Believing this, each year the Presbyterian Association on Science, Technology and the Christian Faith will honor a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA) who has demonstrated excellence in helping the Presbyterian Church (USA) engage science and technology as these bear on its faith and practice.

Nominees will have demonstrated in their Christian life an explicit concern for and development of ways to engage the PC(USA) in attending to the significance of developments in science and technology as they relate to the worship, education, and mission of the church at the congregational level and beyond.

In considering nominees, the Board is looking particularly for two qualities. (1) Does the nominee demonstrate personal engagement with science, technology and the Christian faith, and (2) in what ways has she or he helped the PC(USA) at the congregational level or above, realize such engagement in its life and work.

The award is named in honor of the late Reverend Dr. Kenneth E. McCall (1932-2013), the founding president of PASTCF. In his life and work, trusting the God who makes all things new, Ken saw clearly how science and technology relate implicitly to the whole life of the church.

We encourage nominations of persons deserving of this recognition. This year's deadline is April 5, 2019.


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