The Presbyterian Association on Science, Technology and the Christian Faith directs the attention of Christian communities to scientific discoveries and technological developments; models processes for constructively relating science, technology, and religion; and advocates for church policies and practices that are informed by science and technology.


To challenge and assist the Presbyterian Church (USA), at all levels, to study, understand, discuss, and act on the implications of science and technology as they affect the theology, worship, practice, and moral actions of the church; and to challenge and assist Presbyterian scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals to study, understand, discuss, and act on the implications of the Reformed theological tradition for their scientific and technical vocations.


(1) To provide for the exchange of ideas and information among the members and to develop programs as appropriate to the interest of the members and the needs of the church.

(2) To assist the membership in providing leadership for educational opportunities in congregations and presbyteries and to encourage the formation of groups for study and action.

(3) To recognize scientific and technological professions as expressions of Christian vocation.


(4) To provide a national forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and information in the church.

(5) To encourage Presbyterian educational institutions to provide educational opportunities for students and faculty and continuing education for pastors in the area of science, technology, and the Christian faith.

(6) To cooperate with other Christian communities and associations with similar purposes.

(7) To sponsor national, regional, or local conferences.