Going the Distance

Photo by  Markus Spiske  on  Unsplash

Renewing Your Membership in PASTCF

Thank you for being a PASTCF member. The Association could not exist without you. If you are a Regular or Affiliate member consider renewing at the Contributing or Sustaining level.

Membership Categories:

  • Regular or Affiliate ($50 per year)

  • Contributing ($100 per year)

  • Sustaining ($250 per year)

  • Student ($10 per year)

  • Institutional ($100 per year - 10 copies of SciTech† sent to one address)

  • Spouse of Member ($15 per year - share single copy of SciTech† and mailings)

To renew by downloading a form to print and mail, click HERE.

To renew online click RENEWING below.