Conversation …

Conversations are happening among many people in countless places with a myriad of viewpoints. In one way or another, these conversations are about faith and science and technology and their impact on the Earth and its peoples and creatures. Are you reading and learning and thinking about all these things? In other words, are you sharing in the conversation.

To stimulate your mind and heart for a few minutes today, you might find interesting some posts on the “13.7” blog (as in 13.7 being the Universe’s age in billions of years). NPR hosts this blog featuring regular posts on science, culture, religion, policy, and philosophy. Click on the image to see the latest.

13.7 is but one of thousands of blogs, websites, articles, books, magazines, or podcasts related to the faith/science/technology conversation. (A few additional websites are listed to the right. Click on other sites.)

The Presbyterian Association on Science, Technology and the Christian Faith is a small part of the conversation and we want to do more to help YOU — Presbyterians and others who join us — be part of the conversation. So please tell us what we can do better or more of so we can all share in this vital and urgent conversation.

The Executive Board of PASTCF will have its one annual face-to-face meeting in mid-April. You can share your thoughts with any Board member (contact information is HERE) or send email directly to President Jim Miller.

If you have comments or suggestions about this website or about our journal SciTech†, send them to Bill McIvor.

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Join the Conversation.