People are talking!

Lots of people, in countless places, with many viewpoints, on all manner of subjects. We talk about who we are and about our place among others on Earth. We talk about what occupies our hearts and minds and the things that engage our passions and actions. And in one way or another, even if not always explicit, these conversations are about faith and science and technology and their impact on Earth itself and its peoples and creatures.

For 25 years the Presbyterian Association on Science, Technology and the Christian Faith has shared in this conversation and we want more to join with us. And now, especially NOW, …

… let’s talk about Affirming Creation.

A Call to the Presbyterian Church (USA)

“In the beginning God …” So begins the Bible’s story and so, from the start of biblical faith, there are Creator and Creation. Throughout his Institutes of the Christian Religion and in other writings, John Calvin emphasized how the Creation reveals the Creator. He wrote, “You cannot in one glance survey this most vast and beautiful system of the universe, in its wide expanse, without being completely overwhelmed by the boundless force of its brightness.” He added that the Creation is a “sort of mirror” in which we can contemplate God, who is otherwise invisible.

The prophet Jeremiah wrote, “It is [God] who made the earth by his power, who established the world by his wisdom” (51.15). Commenting on that verse, Calvin wrote, “for when the sun, in its daily course, completes so great and so immense a distance, they who are not amazed at such a miracle must be more than stupid.”

Of course, in his own time Calvin lived faithfully with a 16th century understanding of the Creator and Creation. Now it is for us to live faithfully in our time with a 21st century understanding of Creator and Creation. To avoid being “more than stupid,” we are called now to acknowledge the actual Creation that has emerged in response to the Creator’s call. Thus, PASTCF calls now for the Presbyterian Church (USA) to be Creation Affirming.

We have drafted an Affirmation of Creation to become an overture to the 222nd General Assembly (2016). We hope that many  presbyteries will consider the overture and vote to approve it in time to send to the 222nd Assembly.

To download a copy of the overture for your presbytery …

Click HERE for a Word.doc version.

Click HERE for a .PDF version.